In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I share my notes on the two latest Denver Nuggets games. In the win over the Brooklyn Nets, Jamal Murray finally found his shooting stroke and was able to get to the rim for buckets. I discuss how this was encouraging even if the Nets defense provided a perfect environment for Murray to score. Wilson Chandler also broke out of his slump and got his three-point shot to fall. It’s no coincidence that the Nuggets offense took off once he started getting his rhythm.

I also share some behind-the-scenes notes on the win in Atlanta including what I have noticed to be some very positive energy from the Nuggets team, including and especially Nikola Jokic who appeared to be in a funk after the Sacramento game. In Atlanta, he seemed noticeably more engaged, even when he was on the bench.

Lastly, the Locked On network has a new home at Megaphone. We are no longer on audioboom. So while everyone subscribed via podcast apps like Stitcher and iTunes should still be able to download the show as usual, those who listened on the audioboom app will no longer find us there.