The Denver Post reports some sobering news stemming from J.R. Smith‘s car accident in 2007.

Nuggets guard J.R. Smith will serve 30 days in jail and spend 500 hours talking to hospitalized children after pleading guilty Tuesday to reckless driving, a charge stemming from a fatal traffic accident in 2007 that killed his friend Andre Bell.

Municipal Court Judge Debra J. Gelson sentenced Smith to 90 days in the Monmouth County jail but suspended all but 30 days provided he performs the community service.

Smith, whose full name is Earl J. Smith III, was taken into custody immediately by state police when the hearing ended about 10:30 p.m. local time and was taken to the county jail.

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Statement from the Nuggets:

“We are fully aware of the legal proceedings involving J.R. Smith today and the judge’s decision. J.R. Smith took responsibility for his role in this tragic accident that occurred in June 2007,” Warkentien said in the statement. “The legal statutes mandate that J.R. serve time for driving recklessly, and he is grateful that the statutory sentence was reduced from 90 days to 30.

“We will continue to support J.R. during this difficult period and will have no further comment at this time.”