To our knowledge, the NFL has never had a 7-foot, 280 lb Bosnian wide receiver. 2nd-year Nuggets center, Jusuf Nurkic has a chance to be the first. The Nuggets official twitter account released this video of the Bosnian Beast trying his hand at football.

By my very unofficial count, Nurkic exploded for a 5.3 second 40-yard dash, reminiscent of Neil Smith’s 97-yard fumble recovery in 1999 in which the big defensive end made the slowest 100-yard run I’ve ever seen. If Nurkic, who didn’t play basketball until he was a teenager, picks up football as well as he picked up basketball, we should expect him to enter the NFL draft in a couple of years. And while wide-receiver is an interesting spot for him, I am guessing that Nurkic would have much more fun on the defensive end, where his quarrelsome on-court personality would benefit him even more.

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