On behalf of the Denver Stiffs team, I am proud to introduce the Pickaxe Podcast, a brand new podcast for fans of the Denver Nuggets. The aim of the podcast will be to provide unique and insightful analysis, interviews from players, coaches, and writers from around the web, as well as coverage of everything going on with the Denver Nuggets. While our first episode is a sort of roundtable discussion, most of the weekly episodes will be one-on-one interviews featuring our tremendous staff here at Denver Stiffs, fellow NBA bloggers, writers, personalities, and Nuggets personnel.

In this first ever episode of the Pickaxe Podcast I am joined by the big stiff, Andrew Feinstein, and staff writer Zach Mikash. We look back at the Denver Nuggets' 2015-16 NBA season and share some of the major storylines. Topics include:

Biggest takeaway from the 2015-16 season (2:30)

Did the Nuggets over-achieve? (8:20)

Biggest disappointment of the Nuggets season (15:10)

We get into some statistical trends from this season including pace, shooting, and defense (24:00)

We evaluate Emmanuel Mudiay (37:15), Nikola Jokic (38:45), Gary Harris (41:15), and Will Barton (43:15).

Expectations for next season (46:30)

We rate how disappointment we’d be if certain Nuggets were NOT in a Nuggets uniform next season (51:00)

Lastly, we discuss the miserable attendance numbers and the state of Nuggets fanhood in Denver (57:30)

We hope you enjoy the discussion. Please make sure to subscribe to our podcast on itunes (will be available shortly) and while you're there, give us a high rating so that our podcast will rise in the podcast rankings and get heard by more listeners.