Denver Stiffs is proud to announce the addition of our newest Stiff’s staff member, Jeremy Poley! Poley will be taking on the role of social media coordinator and will be the lead on all of our social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Poley has experience in graphic and web design, brand management, and social media campaigns. He is a big Denver Nuggets fan and Denver Stiffs reader so we are thrilled to have someone so talented and driven helping us improve our social media profile.

As has been the case for the last two Denver Nuggets seasons, Denver Stiffs plans to continue to expand our coverage including broadening and improving our visual storytelling through video, infographics, and design. Poley will be a big part in helping us achieve our goals and try new ways to bring you the best Nuggets coverage in town. Without further ado, I’ll let him introduce himself in his own words.

What made you want to be a part of Denver Stiffs?

If I’m being honest, it’s to fly in the Denver Stiffs’ private jet.

I can actually remember when a friend of mine linked me to an article on Stiffs that blew me away. I have a circle within a circle of friends that talk about the Nuggets feverishly and Stiffs articles became routine ammunition to include in our conversations.

Before I joined, my work day typically looked something like:

  • look up Nuggets’ news and rumors
  • work on SEO and social media at
  • leverage a Stiffs’ article to prove my point in a heated text conversation
  • work on SEO and social media
  • and then almost post a comment on a Stiffs’ article only to decide to flame my friends in text messages one more time.

So when I logged onto Stiffs one day and saw they were looking for a Social Media Manager, I thought, “That would change my workday exactly 0%”. And the idea of helping out my favorite blog on the internet causes a Ryu uppercut in my soul.

How long have you been a Denver Nuggets fan?

Since 2003. I know that because I just googled “when was melo drafted”. That draft had LeBron James and was full of press coverage. I got interested to see whether Carmelo Anthony or Darko Milicic would fall to the Nuggets.

People around town can say what they want, Melo was one of the best things that ever happened to the Nuggets. Darko’s best highlights turned out to be the ones in his hair. So, I would say it turned out well for us. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Who is your favorite Nuggets player currently on the roster?

I think we’re pretty fortunate to have a good roster of personalities. And it only got better with Paul Millsap. Nikola Jokic is such a character. On the court, he’s a balance of everything that you love to see in a talented competitor. Off the court he’s hilarious and…

Oh wait… I know who my favorite Nugget is: Steve Hess!

When my day is dragging I just have to pull up his instagram and he’s right there psyching me up! #24/7/365

Who is your all-time favorite Nuggets player?

No question: Andre Miller. The guy was like Garry Kasparov with a basketball. Players play basketball. He solved basketball. It was a style of game that I enjoy seeing in any competition – on a court, on a board, on a computer. As weird as it felt, I was against the Allen Iverson trade. I loved Iverson too, but it meant that all of the unappreciated intangibles of the team chemistry would change. Miller’s game was irreplaceable.

If you were to get a neck tattoo, would you be more likely to get Trina’s lips or Birdman’s FREEBIRD?

This content is no longer available.

Trina’s lips. Because if they were tattooed on me out in the open for everyone to see then maybe she’d stop stressin’ when I go to the club with my crew! Damn, girl!

Which NBA player most resembles your style of play in a pickup game?

This is random, but I’m going to say Elfrid Payton. I love to find ways to create plays. If you’re not paying attention then I can pop some 3’s. And I’m not good at basketball.

If I answer this question next year it will change to Grayson Allen. Because pick-up basketball is dirty.

Rank the following Nuggets jerseys: Maxie Miner, Rainbow Skyline, 90’s Navy’s, Powder Blues, Gold Skyline, White Gold

Worst: Maxie Miner. I remember being a kid playing some pick-up ball on an asphalt court. When I jumped to take a free-throw another kid behind me pulled my shorts down. Even I was cooler than someone wearing this jersey.

Fifth: 90’s Navy’s. Same jersey you see in Disney Channel movies because they can’t afford to buy the rights to a real NBA team.

Fourth: Powder Blues. This represents the Nuggets that I came to know and love. I feel like all sorts of random sports apparel started using the powder blue after the Nugget rocked it.

Third: White Gold. Why do I like these??? It looks like underwear from a sci-fi movie. Hmmm. A cool sci-fi movie.

Second: Gold Skyline. It’s like the rainbow skyline, but it’s gold! Gold!

Best: Rainbow Skyline. ::mic drop::