As many of you know, or have discovered, Denver Stiffs is going all out on new content and a more interactive experience this season. Features like the Stiffs Roundtable, Coach Pyper's Set of the Week and others are being rolled out this season to make it the best ever here at Stiffs. It's my pleasure to introduce you to the newest weekly feature: Stump the Stiffs.

What it is: Stump the Stiffs is a weekly pick em' challenge that will be a three way battle royale for ultimate bragging rights. It will pit Stiffs writers against Stiffs commenters and Reddit commenters to discover which group truly holds the basketball savants.

How it works: Each week one Stiffs writer, one Stiffs commenter, and one Reddit commenter will submit their picks for five different games/topics. Obviously we’re a Nuggets site so picking Nuggets games will be involved, but we’ll also throw in some NBA games from around the league and even some fun items that are relevant to that week. Commenters will be chosen by the Denver Stiffs moderators and friend of the site and Nuggets subreddit master, Alec Gwin. CombatChuk, Russ Hamilton and Mancar will do the selecting on the Stiffs side with Alec doing the selecting on the Reddit side. We’re going to try as hard as we can to give as many of our loyal readers a chance to get their voice heard at least one week during the season.

When it's happening: Our first official Stump the Stiffs column will come out next Friday. To get everyone an even better idea for how it works, Mancar, Alec and myself will make the picks for the first week. After that it will be up to you guys to prove you're smarter than our Stiffs staff while also providing a brief explanation of the genius of your picks (or the madness, depending on how your results end up).

I'm really excited to be running this column this year because as a commenter turned writer, I know first hand how much fun it can be to get to contribute to the site. Don't be shy, make sure to let our moderators (or Alec if you are also active on Reddit) know you want to be a part of it and we'll find a week for you to do your best to Stump the Stiffs!