Devin Harris was a player that many Denver Nuggets fans had their eyes on before the trade deadline as a guard who can play the point off the bench or cut and shoot around a Nikola-Jokic led offensive attack. In the first post-practice interview after his first game in Denver he said he played more than he expected out of the gate, but was happy to be here. “You want to play meaningful basketball as much as you can, and being here with these young guys is exciting.”

He says he’s “still trying to figure that out” when it comes to his role, and that he knew Nikola Jokic could pass before he got here. But as far as his immediate feelings about adjusting to Denver and the altitude: “I’m tired. I was tired before our practice started this morning.” Veterans tend to dread visiting Denver, but calling it home is another matter and Devin Harris has that savvy to contribute to Denver down the stretch – tired or not.

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