Have you ever wondered what the Director of Scouting for the Denver Nuggets does? Have you ever wondered who the Nuggets Director of Scouting is? Well, it's Jim Clibanoff, who joined Tim Connelly's staff in Sept. of 2013, and partook in his first NBA draft, while working for a team, in 2014 when the Nuggets acquired Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris, and selected Nikola Jokic.

Here's a bit on Clibanoff from Aaron Lopez back in 2014:

Clibanoff joined the Nuggets after spending the 17 years of running a college scouting service. He made regular appearances as a draft analyst on NBA TV and offered his thoughts on players during other media interviews.

His work as a scout helped him build relationships with Connelly and Nuggets assistant general manager Arturas Karnisovas through the years. They reached out to him while building a front-office team last summer.

"I'm so happy this is the decision that I made," Clibanoff said. "Working with such a small group has given me an opportunity to learn so much about everything.

I could've done my service for the next 30 years and been self-employed and created my own schedule, but at the end of the day, what would I have had? I didn't have that additional challenge of coming to the team side and working with a group with defined goals – getting a team better and winning a championship."

Here is his conversation on The Sports Show with Les Shapiro and Eric Goodman, talking Nuggets draft and NBA Finals.

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