Hard to believe this album came out 20 years ago. Debuted in a program on Halloween on MTV 1994. Holy crap I'm old!

Don’t click on the song if you don’t like face-melting metal from the mid-90’s. Anyway, the title of this song/album got me thinking about the Nuggets direction going forward. Particularly this season. We at Denver Stiffs have invested much of our recent columns about rookie Jusuf Nurkic. Nuggets fans, largely through our highlights of the play of the 20 year old Bosnian center (due to a ridiculous lack of television during this preseason) have fallen in love. Rightfully so. The kid plays hard, wants to learn and has a very large ceiling to grow.

Lets not forget about Gary Harris, the rookie two guard from Michigan State. While his opportunities have not been as frequent as the Bosnian Bear, he has definitely shown an ability to defend the perimeter. Our own Nate Timmons has been working on an article about the Nuggets other rookie draft pick, and I will defer to him here. Knowing Nate it is thorough, meticulous and has heart. Which is what Nate is best at.

Anyway, we are glad that in this preseason where you haven't been able to watch games that we have been able to shine a light on players that you wouldn't otherwise see. This, I'm sure, has played a big part in the affection that has grown for this particular team this preseason. There is an excitement surrounding this Nuggets squad that I haven't seen since mid-way through the Nuggets 15 game winning streak in 2013. Maybe the excitement of youth has brought forth a fresh perspective from a Nuggets fan-base that was jaded from the offseason turmoil of 2013 and the disappointing year to follow?

The worst thing the Nuggets could do is kill the enthusiasm.

There is a large segment of the NBA bloggership that has been insisting for nigh on to two seasons now that the Nuggets are in some sort of cap hell and have been circling the team like a vulture looking for potential trades. Everyone wants the Nuggets to be (not so) bold and tank with enthusiasm like the 76ers have done. There is a (very) real possibility that the Nuggets will do far better than anyone imagines with their current roster, and that has so confused people it’s become fun to pick out the flummoxed masses and watch as they tie themselves into knots justifying bleak predictions.

Back to enthusiasm. It’s important that the Nuggets capitalize on this positive feeling. It will be hard out of the gate because of minutes restrictions (J.J. Hickson, Nate Robinson, Danilo Gallinari and JaVale McGee) and the questions surrounding Ty Lawson and his ankle … but as we have seen an engaged Nuggets starting unit is quite potent (against the Bulls, Suns and Clippers) and points the way (with help from Nurkic) to a bright future that can begin right now. Get a fast start and the fans will be WITH YOU Nuggets. You saw what happened with the Avalanche last season. A tidal wave of good feeling can sweep you into the year.

Here are some video's that may, or may not get you excited for the upcoming season.

As referenced in Nate’s column from yesterday, here is Brian Shaw talking about a 10 man rotation for the year and “not waiting” for anyone. It’s a bit encouraging to hear that he want’s to win regardless.

This is the complete highlight video of Nurkic’s night against the Clippers. Of the games Nurkic played this season this (to me) was the most impressive. The technique makes me excited for the upcoming season.

Obligatory Gallo video. We all know what this is about.

And finally here is Kenneth Faried and by far his best performance of the preseason. IF Faried plays like this (accepting his defensive limitations as well) then the Nuggets will be just fine…

Are you excited? You ready for this season? It’s less than a week away an I’m ready.

Forget the Ty Lawson situation. Forget the weird situation with backup point guard. Just sit back and know that THIS season is about to begin! Get ready Nuggets fans! Get ready!