Happy February?

As a present the Nuggets will play the Hornets at the Pepsi Center tonight!

So far this season the Nuggets have put up the following records month-to-month:

Oct: 0-1
Nov: 8-8
Dec: 9-6
Jan: 12-3
Feb: ?

Let's take a look at the Feb. schedule …

Nuggets Feb. 2013 Schedule

Opponent Date Time
New Orleans Fri 02/01 7:00 PM MST
Milwaukee Tue 02/05 7:00 PM MST
Chicago – TNT Thu 02/07 8:30 PM MST
@ Cleveland Sat 02/09 5:30 PM MST
@ Boston Sun 02/10 4:00 PM MST
@ Toronto Tue 02/12 5:00 PM MST
@ Brooklyn Wed 02/13 5:30 PM MST
Boston Tue 02/19 7:00 PM MST
@ Washington Fri 02/22 5:00 PM MST
@ Charlotte Sat 02/23 5:00 PM MST
Los Angeles Lakers Mon 02/25 7:00 PM MST
@ Portland – ESPN Wed 02/27 8:30 PM MST
5 home / 7 road 3 B2Bs 2 national TV

So, the Nuggets have five games at The Can and seven games out on the road – with a big BIG four game swing in Cleveland, Boston, Toronto, and Brooklyn from Feb. 9th to Feb. 13th and that four-game road trip features two of Denver’s three back-to-back sets for the month (the other also coming on the road).


1.) Feb. 9th in Cleveland and Feb. 10th in Boston.
2.) Feb. 12 in Toronto and Feb. 13th in Brooklyn.
3.) Feb. 22nd in Washington and Feb. 23rd in Charlotte.

Here is where I'll sound like I am whining: Why do two of the three second games have to be against the better set of teams!? The Celtics and Nets games will be even harder now – especially since the C's will have two full days off before that game and the Nets have a day off in-between too! ::Rant over::

Nationally televised games:

1.) Feb. 7th vs. Bulls on TNT.
2.) Feb. 27th at Portland on ESPN.

The Bulls are the better team there, but playing at The Rose Garden is never an easy task. Those should both be great games.

Vs. playoff teams:

The Nuggets will play six or seven games against teams in the “hunt” for the post-season. That seventh team is the Lakers — we’ll see where they go by the time Denver plays them on Feb. 25th at The Can. As of now the Lakers are 20-26 and four games behind the Rockets for the final playoff spot out West.

The other "in the hunt" playoff teams: Bucks, Bulls, Celtics (twice), Nets, and Blazers. So, with the Lakers and Blazers that's only two Western teams that Denver will face and five Eastern opponents in the hunt. The Nuggets are 21-11 vs. the West and 8-7 vs. the East this season.

Vs. non-playoff teams:

The Nuggets have five of those contests: Hornets, Cavaliers, Raptors, Wizards, and Bobcats. I'd love to mark those all as wins, but Denver has already lost to the Wiz – so they'll have to stay focused in those games.

Nate's prediction for February: Nuggets go 10-2 to push their record to 39-20 at the end of the month.

I see the Nuggets losing to the Nets and the Blazers and running the table on the rest of those games. Can you beat my prediction? Leave your call on February below.

Let's dance!

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