I was going to do a big breakdown on how teams will be seeded for the playoffs to refresh everyone because there are probably going to be some teams with identical records.

But cruising SB Nation allowed me to find this article by Dave over at Blazer's Edge. He explains the whole thing in great detail.

I'm still searching for an official breakdown of why the Nuggets are listed as the #3 seed and Houston the #4 seed even though the Rockets hold the season series over the Nuggets.

I've heard it is because the Nuggets are the division winner, but that s contrary to the tiebreaker breakdown on NBA.com listed below:

(1) Head-to-head
(2) Division record (if the teams are in the same division)
(3) Conference record
(4) Record vs. Playoff teams, own conference
(5) Record vs. Playoff teams, other conference
(6) Net points, all games


stay tuned …