In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I am joined by Dave DuFour of the On the NBA podcast with Coach Dave. We start by talking about how the Warriors have launched the league into a new era of NBA basketball. It is clear to anyone who watched the NBA playoffs that the Warriors are competing on a completely different level than every other team. How the rest of the league goes about building their rosters and styles of play will be interesting.

Dave and I come up with some of the keys to challenging the Warriors, all the while bringing it back to the Denver Nuggets and their young core of talent. Where can the Nuggets give the Warriors problems? And where are the Nuggets most vulnerable against the Warriors?

The conversation is much longer than most other episodes and it is more free-flowing than most, but it made for some fun and interesting discussions about both the state of the league and the state of the Nuggets.

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