The news keeps rolling in on draft day. Reports out of The Vertical are that the Hornets are willing to part with their #22 pick if a team is willing to also take on the contracts of Spencer Hawes or Jeremy Lamb. Is this somethign the Denver Nuggets might be interested in? Perhaps. The Nuggets don’t need more draft picks but they could potentially make this part of a larger package as the team is expected to be very active on draft night.

Hawes makes little sense for the Nuggets because they are pretty set at the center position but Lamb is perhaps a fit. He has never developed into a starting 2 guard as the hope was when he was drafted and his three point shooting leaves something to be desired, but last year with the Hornets he did show some promise as a perimeter defender, an area of need for Denver. Lamb's $7 million salary seems hard to swallow, but given the cap is set to rise to a record $94 million his contract isn't all that bad…a little bad but not terrible. The Nuggets will have to make moves either via trade or free agency to meet the cap floor for the upcoming season so adding a young role player who could possibly develop into a key member of the bench is something Denver might kick around.