Wilson Chandler clearly has no problem focusing on the court. Despite some controversy swirling around him Wilson came out last night against the Sacramento Kings and flat out balled. Not only was it a much needed win for the Denver Nuggets against a team who is still competing against them for the final playoff spot, but it was also a proverbial middle finger to anyone who thinks that Ill Will isn’t going to give it his all on the court. Wilson’s career night really couldn’t have come at a better time for both him and his team. With star Nikola Jokic out with illness the Nuggets needed someone to step up and carry the load and Wilson delivered, much like he has for the majority of the season and his superb performance also helped coach Michael Malone, who was 0-6 against the Kings since he was terminated by them back in 2014. While coach wouldn’t come out and say how much it meant to him to get this win, his post game comments hinted that it was special. Props to Wilson for helping coach get over the hump and flat out balling the Nuggets to a win.