Paul Millsap didn’t land his big contract because of the way he fills up the box score. He’s made a name for himself in this league by filling in the cracks of talented lineups, and elevating his team with strong defense and a high basketball IQ. But on Tuesday night against the Lakers, Millsap set the tone for the Nuggets offensively with an aggressive mindset, particularly in the first half.

The Nuggets would finish the game with a well rounded box score, benefitting from a balanced attack. But there were times in the first half when the offense looked tentative, like everyone was waiting for someone else to make a play. Millsap obliged.

The four-time all-star is shooting fifty percent from the field on the season, and thirty-eight percent from deep. He’s been efficient, and on Tuesday night he got his twenty points by knocking down nine of his fourteen shot attempts. Five of his eleven rebounds came on the offensive end as well.

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