Every game I write the same thing in this space. “Nikola Jokic just played his best game yet.” Tonight might not have been his best game (it might’ve been) but he did put up a career-high 35 points to go with 12 rebounds and 4 assists. And as is always the case, the highlights are AWESOME!!! His four assists were all pretty, including this one bowling ball type dime to Will Barton. His buckets came in bunches from an array of shots. That top of the key three-pointer is becoming automatic.

Nuggets fans should be thanking their lucky stars. I’ve been his biggest fan, literally since day one of summer league. But not once did I think he would be this good, this fast. Jokic has me dreaming of more than just highlights. What is the limit with this guy? He’s shooting 60% from the field! He’s shooting 36% from behind the arc and that number appears to be climbing. When he has “just” four assists it feels like an off night.

I can’t wait to be back at Pepsi Center on Saturday. I find myself more excited for Nuggets games than I have been in years. Even on nights like tonight when the team is outmatched, the game is still fun because you never know what he is about to do. We’re lucky and for now we can dream big and enjoy the highlights.