Nikola Jokic is insane. On the one hand, he had an off-night. Shooting “just” 55% from the field, the 3rd lowest FG% over his last 19 games, while only doling out one assist. On the other hand, he dropped 29 points and grabbed 15 rebounds while shooting 55% and leading the team in plus/minus at +21! Crazy how even his bad nights are really, really good.

Last night he missed a few easy ones that he typically makes early on but really got things going in the 4th quarter where he had five big time offensive rebounds. Jokic’s scoring continues to be surprising although at what point can we stop being surprised that Jokic scores so easily and efficiently? It’s been 19 games in a row now, ever since moving back into the starting lineup. He’s shooting over 60% from the field on a wide variety of shots, from three-pointers, to mid-range, to floaters, hooks, and even a few dunks. Jokic has it going right now and boy are we enjoying the ride.