A few games back, Nikola Jokic threw that no-look, over the head pass to Will Barton that I thought was the best pass I’d ever seen. Tonight, Jokic pulled that same trick out of his hat, not once, but two times! First, he hit Danilo Gallinari in stride with it but Gallo was fouled and couldn’t complete the play. Unsatisfied, Joker did it again! This time to Wilson Chandler who scored the easy reverse.

Joker really does have a bag of tricks. It feels like every game he seems to experiemtn with a new move, a new pass, or some kind of weird play and when it works, it just becomes part of his routine. So I guess we should all be on the lookout for the next over the head pass. It’s weird and even a bit sad to think that in a few years, passes like this might no longer get us out of our seats. Ah who’s kidding? This will never get old.

Check out the highlights! 30 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists.