This wasn’t the most dominant performance we’ve seen from Nikola Jokic. It’s nowhere on that radar. But in just his second ever playoff game, ‘Big Honey’ scored 21 points, inhaled 13 rebounds, and dished out 8 assists as the Denver Nuggets picked up a 114-105 victory over the San Antonio Spurs—their first playoff win in 6 years.

The Spurs opted not to blitz Jokic with double-teams for the entirety of game 2, a strategy which held him to just 10 points in the first meeting. While Jokic was only 7-15 from the field with a modest 21 points, he still put his finger prints all over Denver’s biggest win since 2013. He kept them afloat long enough for Jamal Murray to wake up and seal the deal with a monster fourth quarter performance.

Watch Jokic’s highlights: