I can’t tell if this was a good game or just a typical Nikola Jokic game. Will these types of games become old and boring at some point? Was this one old and boring? Is a 22 year old center dropping 19-10-7 unremarkable now? This guy put up stat lines like this in his sleep. I mean, I don’t play fantasy basketball but Jokic has to be a top 10 fantasy player, right? Maybe higher?

What made this game unique for me was that Jokic ran the “point” more than any game I can recall. Especially in the first quarter, Jokic was basically the point guard, bringing the ball up the court and getting the ball into the offense. He cooled off a bit in the 2nd half (and got fewer touches) but he still managed to make some big time plays down the stretch on both ends of the floor. Check out the highlights and enjoy them. Cherrish them. If the Nuggets miss the playoffs, we’ll only get a few more of these types of Jokic highlight mixes.