I let out a big belly laugh at one point during this game. Nikola Jokic had Sacramento Kings center, Willie Caulie-Stein out on an island on the right block when suddenly Joker got that look in his eye that let you know he was about to teach his defender a quick lesson. He took a few dribbles and slowly backed Caulie-Stein down befoe turning and shooting a feathery jump hook off of the glass. It looked like an uncle playing against his elementary-aged nephew on the hoop out front on Thanksgiving. The simplicity of it all was hilarious.

Like Gary Harris, Jokic is in the zone right now. It’s not just that he is playing as focused as ever, he’s also playing with more confidence than ever before. He knows what to do and he knows very few players can stop him. Certainly nobody on the Kings roster.

Jokic would’ve had a triple-double had he not been so quick and effective, putting up 14 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 assists in 23 minutes. Check out the full highlights of Joker and bask in the glory of starting the year a perfect 4-0.