Is this even an impressive stat-line for Nikola Jokic? After the way he’s played for the last three months, 20 points and 14 rebounds almost seems boring. I mean, he only had 2 assists!

It’s crazy just how easily he makes a 20 and 14 game appear. And even crazier how he keeps adding things to his, as Chris Marlowe calls it, his “bag of tricks.” Lately he’s been adding some power moves in the post. He’s started bullying people down low and last night, former Nuggets great Kosta Koufos was the recipient of some tough Serbian post play. Jokic also has added the “Smitty” move to his arsenal although last night he rightfully got called for a carry. I still love that move but Joker needs to refine it just a bit to make sure he keeps his hand above the ball.

His chemistry with Danilo Gallinari also seems to be improving with each game. The two skilled bigs have connected on more than a few pick and rolls lately. And even though he only had two assists, at least one of them was highlight worthy; a backdoor dropoff to Jamal Murray that Jokic threw around his defender.

Bask in the glory, Nuggets fans!