After James Harden went coast to coast in the final seconds of the Houston Rockets’ 125-124 win over the Denver Nuggets, the staff here at Denver Stiffs was too depressed to do anything, including share highlights of the team’s standout players. Nearly 48 hours have past and the sting of that loss hurts just as bad. It wasn’t that the Nuggets were supposed to win that game, it’s that they could’ve won that game and they didn’t.

But as far as silver linings go, it’s always nice to remember that the team still has Nikola Jokic and Jokic can still make passes like the ones he made in the first half of that game. Jokic had a quiet scoring half to open the game but he was doing his best to facilitate with his playmaking. In the second half, everything switched and aggressive scoring Jokic arrived. Joker had the mid-range going as well as the finesse but what continues to stand out is his use of the power game.

Check out the highlights, shake off the depression, and get excited for tonight’s matchup against the defending champion, Cleveland Cavaliers. Oh, and if you don’t have plans or obligations tonight, get your butt to Pepsi Center to cheer on the boys. They desperately need it!