It’s so great to see Malik Beasley play basketball. I’ve never tuned in to watch the D-League before this year. Whenever Beasley got an assignment, I’d either catch the game which streams live on Facebook or I’d check out the highlights. And Beas looks good! It’s clear that he is a three-point shooter and off the dribble scorer, a skill set that could make him an excellent 6th man type of player if not a go-to scorer in the clutch.

Hopefully he’ll have a big summer with the coaching staff and the team will be able to open up a spot in the rotation for him. Until then, check out these highlights of his latest game in which he put up a game-high 32 points on 11-20 shooting including 5-8 from behind the arc. He added 19 rebounds and seven assists. I’m not sure which of those stats are the most impressive. His shot really looked smooth, too.