Just a normal day for Nikola Jokic – another triple double, another bit of fourth quarter dominance, and best of all another victory. It was Jamal Murray’s final pair of shots that sealed the victory for the Nuggets against the Suns but Jokic had 9 points in the final frame and assisted on the first of Jamal’s daggers to wrap up a 22 point, 12 rebound and 10 assist night that put him into 10th place all-time alone on the triple-double list. When the two of them both have it going at the end of the game Denver is a real juggernaut. 

The highlight package below from Smart Highlights is a longer cut, something to watch for all of Jokic’s box score plays – his makes, his misses, his assists and rebounds. It’s Joker taking his lunch pail and going to work, and if you have a few minutes it’s worth a watch to get a condensed look at what a difference he makes on the court, especially when he gets the three-pointers to fall. The fourth quarter free throws might not be sexy but the win is, and one leads to the other. That last assist to Murray from under the basket is magnificent though.

Check it out!