My four-year-old daughter only has one fear in life: wolves. I have no idea how she got this phobia. She’s only ever seen a wolf on television and read about them in fables and fairy tales. She used to listen to Peter and the Wolf on my phone, narrated by David Bowie. That story is a bit more haunting than you probably remember but I doubt that it’s enough to cause her to have this irrational fear.

I’ve tried to explain to her that she doesn’t have anything to fear as she lays down to sleep in her bed, comfortable in the Denver suburbs, hundreds of miles away from the nearest wolf. But still, at night, she makes me promise that there aren’t any wolves in her room.

Jamal Murray has no such fear, as evidenced by his 30-point evisceration of the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday night. Murray caught fire in the 2nd half of this game and slammed the door shut on the purple-clad squad from the twin cities. And he did it behind an array of three-point shots. Catch and shoot. Off the dribble. He even barely missed a dunk that would’ve led SportsCenter had he completed it.

Check out the highlight reel and, unlike my 4-year-old, rest easy tonight. Murray is heating up again, and the exact right moment of the season.