After another season as the starting point guard for a top-3 team in the Western Conference, Jamal Murray had a number of exciting plays as he continued to develop into the player that all Nuggets fans hope that he can become.

Whether Murray was knocking down a 3-pointer, getting into the paint for a mid-range jumper, or driving to the rim for a big dunk, he was a bright spot for the Nuggets this season. He was hampered by an ankle injury for part of the season, and it took him some time to get back to full strength, but he ended the season strong, playing some of his best basketball of the season in February.

He scored 39 points twice this season, against the Grizzlies and Wizards, and eclipsed the 30-point mark one other time, in a game against the Suns, as he continued to develop as a scoring option for the Nuggets. The challenge to learn how to balance scoring and distributing as a point guard is a daunting one for every point guard, and Murray seems like he’s becoming more and more comfortable with every passing week as he continues to lead the team alongside Nikola Jokic.

What was Murray’s top play? Here are a few contenders, and if we missed one, let us know in the comments.

“Offensive foul” on DJ Wilson

It’s ridiculous that this was called an offensive foul. There is no way that any other team, on their home court, would get this foul called. It was so absurd. Luckily, the cameras were still rolling, so we’re including this in his top plays.

The referees saw Murray’s elbow swing out when he collided mid-air with Wilson, and assumed that he had swung it to clear out space or strike Wilson’s head, neither of which took place. All he did was rise up, cock the ball back in his right hand, and detonate on someone. It was an instant poster, a play that fans should see on Murray’s career highlight reel some day when he decides to hang up his sneakers.

Oh, and the Nuggets won by 14 points.

Other top plays

  • Breaking Devin Booker’s ankles and knocking down the jumper
  • Breaking Avery Bradley’s ankles with a stepback, knocking down a 3-pointer
  • Shake and spin against Frank Ntilikinia and the New York Knicks
  • Alley-oop to self against the Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Steal and windmall jam against Isaiah Thomas and the Washington Wizards
  • Look-away whip pass to Jokic for an assist against the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Drive and dunk against the Orlando Magic
  • Poster dunk on Tyus Jones of the Memphis Grizzlies off a Jokic dime
  • Game-winner against the Charlotte Hornets
  • Game-winner against the Suns