“Ya’ll better start giving this team some damn respect.”

Jamal Murray said that during his postgame media session after the Denver Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 7 to make the Western Conference Finals.

Murray is 100 percent right, this team deserves respect and he is a massive reason as to why they should get it. With their season on the line, Murray put together one of his best performances of the playoffs, which is saying something considering how special he has played throughout the postseason.

After scoring just five points in the first quarter, Murray proceeded to catch fire in the second quarter dropping 20 points. Murray finished the night with a game-high 40 points on 15-of-26 shooting from the field, 6-of-13 from beyond the three-point line.

Not only did Murray hit big shot after big shot, but he also hauled in four rebounds and dished out five assists. Murray truly did it all and is a big reason as to why the Nuggets will be playing in their first Western Conference Finals since 2009.

Watch all the highlights from Murray’s big game below!