In the 2017-18 season, Jamal Murray’s shot didn’t really come around until roughly this time last year, when he started to get hot. Real hot. It appears he’s ready to do something similar in this campaign.

The Blue Arrow fell astray in the first of half of the Denver Nuggets’ road win over the Sacramento Kings. Murray struggled to find his target and only managed to score two points.

The second half went a little bit better for him.

Murray erupted for 34 points in just 21 minutes, galvanizing his teammates and devouring a double digit lead for Sacramento. The 21-year-old hollered, flexed, and willed his team into a double digit lead of their own in the fourth quarter, delivering a dagger three with 36 seconds remaining.

17 points in the third and fourth quarters pushed his point total to 36, and he threw in seven rebounds and six assists for good measure.

Watch the highlights from Murray’s clutch performance here: