December 15th is the most talked about date in the Denver Nuggets season because that was the date that Nikola Jokic was named the starter. It is used as turning point of the season and a way of categorizing the year into two parts: pre-December 15th and post-December 15th. But that date is also important for another reason. That was the date that Gary Harris returned from injury.

Harris had played less than 120 minutes prior to December 15th, suffering a hip/groin injury and a foot injury that kept him out of all but five games over the first two months of the season. So it should be noted that Denver’s impressive run toward the top of the league standings in Offensive Rating is almost certainly due in large part to Harris’s return to the lineup. Since that time, Harris has set four career-highs including his latest career-high of 28 points against the Rockets.

Check all 28 of them out in all their glory.