Gary Harris last hit a game-winning shot in 2010 when he was in high school. With the clock winding down, Harris caught an inbound pass, used a nifty inside-pivot spin move and knocked down a three. He immediately ran off of the court toward the locker room.

Six years later an older, more polished Gary Harris did nearly the exact same thing. This time, the opponent was the Oklahoma City Thunder, one of the league’s hottest and best teams. The inbound pass came after a disjointed and broken play. Harris found himself on the far side of the court and standing under the basket. With Nikola Jokic holding the ball for what felt like a minute (and what actually might’ve been 5.1 seconds), Harris streaked to the three-point line to try and find a sliver of daylight. Jokic saw him the moment he took his first step and threw the pass perfectly to catch Harris in stride at the three-point line for a shot that somehow escaped the outstretched arms of Russell Westbrook.

Harris knew it was in the moment it left his hand.

Harris opened the game with a three-pointer and ended the game with a three-pointer. In between he did some pretty nice things as well. Catch the full highlights below and enlist in the Garrison.