I hope Gary Harris is a Denver Nugget for a long time. The guy is so consistent and gets better with every game. This year he has added that off-the-dribble playmaking and scoring and it has opened up his game so much. Last night he had four pull up jumpers off of the dribble and the Nuggets needed all four of them. I’ve always thought of Garris as a stand still shooter but if he has the ability to create space for himself and knock down the 16-footer, that gives the Nuggets a whole new option in crunch time since those types of shots become more valuable toward the end of games.

Harris is the team’s best cutter. He’s the team’s best on-ball defender. He’s probably the team’s best shooter. And now he has gotten to the point where he can handle point guard duties in a pinch. Imagine how good he’ll be if he makes another leap this summer like he has the last two! The Nuggets have a stud in Gary Harris and the only downside to him improving his game year after year is the fact that he will cost the Nuggets a lot of money very soon.

The Nuggets draft record from 2013-2017 is just incredible. Might be the best drafting a team has done since OKC snagged Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka in consecutive drafts. Check out the highlights of Harris’s game against the Pelicans in which he scored 23 points, grabbed 8 rebounds, and handed out 5 assists. An all-around game from him when the Nuggets needed it most.