Let’s face it, today’s performance from Gary Harris is bittersweet, coming as it does in such a frustratingly disappointing collapse against the Sacramento Kings. The Nuggets had the game well in hand in the first half before it all fell apart, though, and the main reason for their early success was the play of Gary Harris.

Harris has struggled with his finishing at the rim this year, despite playing excellent defense, so it was good to see him get everything going early. Back cuts, spot-up shooting, even three steals and two blocks to go with his 25 points. Today’s game result was extremely disappointing, but Harris making a re-appearance on offense can only help going forward. The Nuggets really need him as a cutter and off-ball scorer to help balance the court when Jamal Murray is struggling with his offense and Nikola Jokic decides he doesn’t want to shoot. Not going back to Harris in the beginning of the starters’ stint in the third quarter is one reason Denver did not prevail in this game. It’ll take a minute to wash that taste out.

Bring on the Lakers – and enjoy thinking about this Harris performance being deployed more often as the season goes along.

(highlights courtesy of the Nuggets’ Youtube channel)