The bright spot of last night’s shorthanded loss to the Wizards was Gary Harris going for a career-high 26 points. This is the 2nd time Harris has set a career-high this season and both times I was completely shocked that his career-high was so low. Harris has emerged as one of Denver’s best offensive players but he isn’t necessarily a volume scorer. He’s more of an efficiency scorer and great cutter but doesn’t dominate the ball enough to put up real absurd point totals.

With Nikola Jokic and Danilo Gallinari out, one of the big questions was who would pick up the scoring load. Harris stepped up big time thanks to his three-point shot which was falling all night. He knocked down six three’s on nine attempts and had a few nice drives to the basket. Harris is such an underrated part of this team’s core and such a fun player to root for on this roster. Check out the highlights.