The YouTuber “Down to Buck” loves Nikola Jokic. He makes Jokic highlight mixes after every Nuggets game and for that, we thank him. He is the Stiff’s patron saint of highlight mixes and has provided us Nuggets fans with hours of Jokic footage.

But as happy as I am to see these Jokic tapes, I am equally as excited about the fact that Gary Harris is beocming a regular in DtB’s rotation. Harris has been so much fun to watch this year. How many 22 year olds have his growing skill set yet also his poise and control to always remain in control? Most guys that can score, shoot, pass, and dunk as well as Harris end up with wildly inconsistent stat lines. Harris goes out and does his job, every single game.

Last night he dropped a career-high nine assists and there were some really pretty ones in there. The pass he left for Emmanuel Mudiay was probably the highlight but Harris looks more and more comfortable as a distributor with every passing game. Pay this man his money! And get ready for whatever leap Harris is about to make this summer. The guy has stepped up his game every offseason and I imagine this one will be no different. Hop on the Gary Harris hype train and bandwagon! This dude is a stud.