Nikola Jokic triple-double highlights do not get old. They’re a unique art form for a man at his position and his size. Jokic is tied for third in the NBA in triple-doubles this season (behind a couple of future hall-of-famers in LeBron James and Russell Westbrook), just set the record for triple-doubles by a European-born player in a career and just needs three more to pass Hakeem Olajuwon for the most from a non-US-born player. I assume the contest between Jokic and Ben Simmons for that latter title will be a fierce one going forward.

This is a great stat of the moment though:

Jokic wasn’t given the keys to the offense until Jokic Day, which is officially 12/15/16. He’s averaged one triple-double every 10 games-played ever since, but is averaging one every THREE games since Malone said that he stopped calling so many plays in late January.

When Denver fans talk about the Jokic Offense, this is what they mean: a blizzard of cuts and handoffs and dishes off of a 6’10 center leading a unique attack that few teams are able to slow. The Nuggets are in a fight for the playoffs despite seemingly having a defensive collapse nearly every night along this journey (which must give coach Michael Malone night terrors) but the hope of an unstoppable offensive approach and the growth that has surged Denver’s young core forward is carrying the expectations of the fan base for this year and the future.

Jokic is Denver’s franchise player, and while they figure out how to defend with him at center and how to keep up production when he’s on the bench, it’s nights like these that will have to carry the day. The blocks didn’t hurt either.

Enjoy Jokic’s 23 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists against the Pistons!