After last night’s perfect-from-the-field triple-double, tonight’s output from Nikola Jokic seems a little pedestrian: 23 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. The fact that fans of the Denver Nuggets expect that from their soon-to-be-All-Star center says a lot about how special he is, and what he brings to the table every night.

On a poor shooting night for Denver, mostly brought on by tired legs that led to bricked three pointers (Denver was 6-for-32 from beyond the arc) Jokic only took one three. He did most of his damage at the elbow and in the paint, forcing his way to the rim on more than one occasion. He only committed two fouls, one of which was on a ridiculous flop by Andre Iguodala, so his habit from last season of committing fouls when tired didn’t rear its head at all. He played a smart game and was vocal on both ends of the court.

Oh yeah, and he dropped a 20-10 double-double on the champs. Denver fans might be coming to expect this, but Jokic keeps delivering.