Denver Nuggets basketball is back! Just as importantly Nikola Jokic started off the game running Jokic-ball to perfection. It’s just the preseason, but watching Denver run its blizzard of cuts toward the basket with Jokic directing traffic is beautiful enough to bring a tear to the eye of any Nuggets fan.

Nikola finished the game with 14 points and 4 rebounds and was credited with just 3 assists against 6 turnovers. Denver obviously hasn’t quite figured out their offensive positioning and Jokic was attempting passes that he should not make, but it’s hard to blame him. It’s the preseason and he looked excited to be out there, playing hard on both ends for the whole first half.

The second half looked a little dodgier, with the entire starting unit out of sorts as they let the 12-point halftime lead bleed away. But these are the kinks that the preseason is made for ironing out. Just enjoy that Denver blew out the Lakers (who didn’t play Lebron James in the second half) and that Nuggets basketball is back for a new season with high expectations. The offense certainly delivered on that and Jokic showed off several of the many moves in his arsenal as Denver works their way into regular season shape.

Check out Jokic’s highlights below!