Jamal Murray’s rep for filling up the basket hasn’t been as true for the Denver Nuggets this year as it was in college, but the talent is obviously there. His approach to this season seems to have been to work on everything he was docked for in the run-up to the draft, and let his shooting take care of itself as his strength. Slowly but surely it’s been doing just that.

After a rough few shots in October, Murray hit his stride in November with some big outbursts, then struggled through the lean months. February and March have led to an upswing in his game as he’s been firing those blue arrows at will.

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This is the Jamal Murray so many of us cheered on draft day. Any rookie season will be full of ups and downs, especially for a teenager. His learning curve is steep and there’s a lot he’ll need to work on. But as Murray keeps showing us, his ability as a scorer can be a game-changer even at this raw stage. Last night was a smorgasbord: some threes (including a sweet crossover-stepback), a couple of dunks and even an effort block with just a few seconds to go in the game. Enjoy the highlights!