With the 24th overall pick obtained from a trade with the Utah Jazz, the Denver Nuggets selected sophomore Tyler Lydon from Syracuse University. Lydon is a dynamic power forward who played a significant role for Jim Boehim in his second year as an Orangeman, averaging 36.1 minutes per game and scoring 13.2 points in the process.

At 6’9 and as a power forward, Lydon’s greatest strength from his time at Syracuse came from his terrific jump shooting. In his two years in college, he averaged 40% from three and showed a knack for hitting shots much farther beyond the NCAA mark. His 225 lb. frame also makes him an okay rebounder, though he did average 8.6 boards per game. Defensively he has room for improvement.

Lydon was certainly a surprising pick for the Nuggets, but his highlights show a shooter who is certainly capable of making an impact on the offensive floor. Check out some of his highlights below!