Who would win in a fight, a Pelican or a Rooster?

Tonight, Danilo Gallinari picked right up in New Orleans where he left off in Miami: dropping buckets from all over the court. Gallo was on fire right from the opening tip. Over the last two games, Gallo looks incredible. He looks fresh. He looks like he is in the zone. When he gets matched up with someone too small to contest his jump shot, he puts them in the torture chamber, elevating for easy fallaways or barrelling to the rim for easy dunks.

His three-point shot is also really working right now. He went 5-10 from behind the arc tonight and many of those were crucial buckets. And that left handed finish he had on the drive early in the 3rd quarter? That was vintage Gallo.

He also had the two BIGGEST shots of the game: A transition three with six minutes remaining and two free throws off of a crafty move that drew a late but fair whistle on Anthony Davis. Check out the highlights. The Nuggets are so lethal when Gallo is healthy and in the zone.