Big shout out and happy birthday to Denver Nuggets legend Doug Moe! Moe is turning a very young 79 today and everyone here at Stiffs wanted to make sure to wish him the best. After all, he is the origin of our name, it’s the least we can do.

Moe coached the Denver Nuggets for darn near the entirety of the 1980s, taking over for Donnie Walsh after 31 games into the 1980-1981 season. Moe of course went on to rule the 80s with the Nuggets, earning a team record 432 wins in that time span. The Nuggets would only lose less than 40 games in a season twice during the nine full season Moe coached them. A feat that is only topped by George Karl (0 seasons under 40 wins in 7 full seasons, would be 8 but for the lockout shortened season). Even then, Moe deserves some credit as he served as one of Karl’s assistants from 2003 to 2008.

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Moe’s time with the Nuggets is best remembered for two things. First, his penchant for fast paced, high scoring offense. In fact, during his tenure the Nuggets averaged 119.6 points per season, easily the highest of any team during that time period. The second thing Moe was known for was his, we’ll say direct, approach with his players. Never one to mince words, Moe was all too quick to label a poor performing player with limited athletic ability a stiff. Later he would use the term in a more endearing fashion for a player who worked hard, but the lack of talent was always part of the description. His rants were things of legend. If you’re okay with some swearing, check out the video below to see exactly what I mean.

Happy birthday coach!