HORSE Contest to be played outdoors as part of TNT All-Star Show


The contestants for H-O-R-S-E have been announced. The game has been implemented for the first time into All-Star Weekend after notable writers such as Bill Simmons rallied for it. No Nuggets were added … rumor has it the contest will be G-E-I-C-O after the sponsor of the event.

Competitors: Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, Memphis Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo, and Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson will participate.

Notable rules: No Dunking and a 24-Second Shot clock will be in place for each attempt.

I don't exactly know how the players were selected, but I would have liked to have seen players nominate other players. This way we could have the best trick shot guys in the game in the contest. Either way … this is a fun new wrinkle to All-Star Weekend!


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