With the mass exodus of star players to large markets, it seems more-and-more people are popping up out of the woodwork to pontificate on this phenomena. Is the NBA not diverse enough?

Controversial statements were made by Buzz Bissinger, the guy who wrote the book Friday Night Lights and Shooting Stars (LeBron James' biography) about the NBA's supposed dwindling popularity because of the lack of white American players. We also have Alfred Williams saying on his drive time show on 104.3 FM the Fan in Denver that the Nuggets need the kind of players who will stay in Denver – i.e. white guys.

What does all this mean? Not much. These are just opinions. Is Williams right about Denver? Do players want to exit this city because it's not like where they grew up? I don't know. I know that Danilo Gallinari and Timofey Mozgov are most likely having a hard time adjusting to the new city. Does that make a difference when talking about assembling a team? These are questions that are uncomfortable to confront because there's no definitive answer.

I know that NBA players have a negative stereotype of Denver. It's something that this city has been battling (in terms of the NBA and, until recently, NFL Hall of Fame) for as long as I can remember. Not sure what we can do to combat it. Those of us who live in Denver love the city. We all know Chauncey Billups does.

As far as this Bissinger character goes. He can throw up as many stats as he wants, what he claims about the NBA losing popularity because of the lack of "white American" players cannot possibly be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt. I'm not sure I can even comment on it. All I know is I love the Nuggets, doesn't matter which player is on the team. Reading jokers like this Bissinger fellow makes me very, very sad.

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Danilo Gallinari is out with a fractured toe. This begs the question … where the heck did THAT happen? Couple that with "Oh my god, I hope the Nuggets find enough offense while he's out". Yeah…you get the picture.

Kiszla: Nuggets are Kmart's team now – Mark Kiszla, Denver Post
It's rare that I agree with Kiz. On this occasion I wholeheartedly agree with him about this being Kenyon Martin's team right now. I'd go one step further and say they should offer Kenyon the MLE for 3 more years. Is that just me?

Sixth-Man Jam: A Fan's Perspective – Kalen, Roundball Mining Company
Kalen (frequent and loquacious Stiffs commenter Golden Nugget) writes about his experience at the Denver Nuggets Sixth Man event. He even talks to Stiff's fan favorite Timofey Mozgov. Good read.


NBA Related

Buzz Bissinger explains his comments about White NBA players – Eric Schmoldt, Sports Radio Interviews.com
As I explained above, Buzz Bissinger expounds on his claim that the NBA has lost popularity because of the lack of white NBA players. Also he talks about his ensuing twitter war with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

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Chuck talks. It's what he does. Opinions follow.

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On a lighter note, in our continuing series of the Nuggets 2009 playoffs run we come to Game 2 of the Western Conference Divisional series against the New Orleans Hornets. In this one our Nuggets continue their dominance over the Hornets, Chauncey Billups has yet another great game and Chris Andersen get's the crowd hyped by a hellacious put-back slam. Good times.

New Orleans @ Denver : Game 2 Highlights (via coronaftw)