We’ve been so caught up in the Nuggets‘ playoff chase that we’ve totally overlooked the fact that Wilson Chandler is DONE for the season … and that includes the playoffs. What does this mean for the Nuggets post-season chances?

After appearing in just 8 games, the newly re-signed Wilson Chandler is done for the season thanks to a bad hip that will require surgery. Chandler joins Rudy Fernandez on the not-going-to-play-again-this-season list, taking away one of the Nuggets few advantages come playoff time: depth.

As a rangy 6’8″ player, Chandler can defend twos, threes and fours and his ability to play inside and out stretches the opposing defense as well. And one has to wonder whether or not Danilo Gallinari, Al Harrington and Arron Afflalo would be logging as many minutes – and/or would have been injured as each has at some point – had Chandler been on board all season long to spare them.

Likely to play the Thunder or the Spurs in the playoffs’ first round, the Nuggets need all the firepower they can get. I think we can collectively live without Fernandez, but Chandler’s absence (even though he hasn’t had much presence this season to begin with) will hurt. Just as it hurt having no Afflalo for the first two games of last season’s Thunder/Nuggets playoff series and an injured Afflalo for Games 3 through 5.

If the Nuggets are to draw the Thunder, Chandler can guard Kevin Durant, James Harden and Thabo Sefolosha. That’s three-eighths of Thunder’s rotation. Should the Nuggets match up against the Spurs, Chandler would be tasked with defending Manu Ginobili, Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw and Danny Green … half the Spurs’ rotation.

But alas, there will be no Chandler. And with Gallo fighting through an injured wrist and Harrington fighting through a torn meniscus (ouch!), the swing players for the Nuggets' playoff opponent may have a field day against us.

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