1.) Did you know the Nuggets picked up a new player recently? They snagged Ian Clark, a 6'3" guard, off waivers from the Utah Jazz – he wants a fresh start in Denver.

2.) You had to dig Mike Olson's post about the Nuggets individual players' trade values, if you skipped it for some reason, find it right here.

3.) Dikembe Mutombo gave a great interview to the Denver Post recently. He reminisces about his time in Denver and you have to see what he said about leaving the Nuggets.

4.) Our friends over at NuggLove.com have an interesting piece up on the prospect of trading Ty Lawson, give it a read.

5.) This one is Nuggets related because he used to play on the team. Take some time to listen to Bill Simmons' podcast with Brian Windhorst about the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are great mentions in there about Timofey Mozgov and how he got LeBron James back on track this season.

Have you discovered any Nuggets related gems on the web? Link them in the comment section.