What an incredible (if unfortunate for some) opening day of the playoffs. We had a little bit of everything – close games, blowouts, injuries, clutch shots, and upsets. But there was perhaps nothing more significant to this year’s playoffs than what happened to MVP candidate Derrick Rose, who suffered a torn ACL and is lost not only for the rest of the playoffs, but could potentially miss games going into next season as well.

I tend to agree with most of the national commentary surrounding Rose. That is, without him, the Bulls really don’t have a chance at making it out of the East, especially not against the Miami Heat. The Bulls are an excellent team, no doubt about it, but Rose is the oil that makes that engine run. John Lucas, the Bulls backup point (along with CJ Watson) filled in admirably for stretches during the season when Rose was injured, but as we all know the playoffs are a whole different animal. With under 2 minutes to play – and the Bulls leading 99-87 – Derrick Rose was a rebound and assist away from a triple double (23/9/9) before an awkward hop-jump step cause him to collapse in agony. I highly doubt that either Lucas or Watson can match that level of production. Instead of being favorites (or near favorites) to win the East, the question now becomes – can the Bulls survive Philadelphia?

In a not-so-similar boat are the New York Knicks in their loss of promising rookie guard Iman Shumpert. Although Iman Shumpert was an excellent wing stopper and capable of impacting the game, he wasn’t the critical piece to the success of the Knicks as was Rose (in 19 minutes, Shump Shump was 0-2, no points, with one steal and one rebound). But losing him – and being forced to fill in with the putrid Toney Douglas or Mike Bibby – probably torpedoes what small chance the Knicks had of making this series go more than four or five games. The Knicks didn’t really have much of a shot winning this series in any case even before their blowout loss of 33 points to the Heat, which was the fourth-largest loss in Knicks playoff history. Carmelo Anthony had a classic ‘Melo first round game – 3 for 15, 11 points, 10 rebounds, 3 fouls, 4 turnovers – and a +/- of -35, lowest on the team. The Heat walked through the Knicks and it wasn’t even close at any point in the game.

With a hobbled Bulls team, an imploding Knicks squad, a Dwight Howard-less Magic team, an aged Celtics team likely without Ray Allen, an inexperienced Pacers Squad, the barely-made-it 76ers and the Atlanta Hawks (enough said), who’s going to stop the Heat in the East?

Also of note is Kevin Durant hitting some BS against the Mavericks to steal game 1. Ugh. Better luck next time, Dirk.

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