President Barack Obama is expected to give a positive and optimistic state of the union speech on Tuesday night. But while things may be looking up for our country, things are as confusing as ever in Nuggets Nation.

Right around when President Obama delivered his state of the union speech last year, the Nuggets were riding an eight-game winning streak and found themselves at 31-14, on pace for a franchise-best 56 wins while chasing down the first-seeded Los Angeles Lakers.

What a difference a year makes. 

Whether you blame Carmelo Anthony‘s refusal to stay in Denver and (alleged) refusal to give the Nuggets multiple trading options, the Nuggets’ front office’s insistence on getting too much in return for their lone superstar, Stan Kroenke’s stubbornness, the east coast media, Mikhail Prokhorov’s posturing or the tooth fairy, the bottom line is that the Nuggets of 2010-11 have lost the spirit of their 2009-10 (before George Karl was stricken with cancer) and 2008-09 predecessors and now find themselves on pace for just 47 wins. (The Nuggets playing six-straight losers beginning with Sunday’s win against the Pacers should certainly help, however.)

And with a shaky foundation comes uncomfortable questions, like those that soon have to be answered regarding Nene, Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith and Arron Afflalo.

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