Colorado sports fans thought things would get better when Josh McDaniels was fired. I guess we were wrong.


I have to say I’ve never seen a more depressingly pathetic year for the four major Denver sports teams. Ever. You can argue that it hasn’t been ALL bad, but certainly there’s nothing on the positive end of the scale (other than a brief run the Nuggets had post Carmelo Anthony trade – more on that later). Now for a rather skewed and biased look at the shambles that is Denver sports.


Denver Broncos

The big dog on the Denver sports scene has been, and probably always will be the Denver Broncos. However, the last three seasons they have been both pitiable and perplexing. After the debacle that was Josh McDaniels brief reign of terror over the team he was replaced by veteran coach John Fox. Good, solid hire. Also, John Elway's buck toothed and slightly more wrinkled face has made a reappearance at Dove Valley to guide the Broncos ship as Executive Vice President. Great. Onward and upward right…

Uhhhh no. How about the most bizarre quarterback controversy in the history of quarterback controversies. In the gold corner we have perfectly average quarterback Kyle Orton. A man who makes a ham sandwich look like the most exciting dish since prime rib at Mortons. Against the blue corner, the most hyped individual since Jesus Jones…Tim Tebow. A quarterback we aren't actually sure can play the position of QB in the NFL yet…but boy does he have the masses excited.

So we have average vs. unsure. Plain vs. what?. Ordinary vs. who the hell knows?…

Why is this a controversy again? Oh and Brady Quinn…boy is he dreamy.

Hopefully that defensive line gets fixed. Looks like there's some issues at right tackle. I actually have some hope for this season once the absurdity ends. Last night was the first preseason game, and quite frankly the only thing I took from the game was there's a lot of work to be done.

Colorado Avalanche

I know almost nothing about hockey. It never personally appealed to me. What I do know is that owner Stan Kroenke and Kroenke Sports Entertainment, after locking out an entire NHL season to get salaries in line, has sure spent the last several seasons looking avoid spending more than the bare minimum (cap floor). I've spoken to a couple Avalanche fans (one writes for SB Nation Denver) who are my friends and they say that the lack of spending doesn't bother them. All I know is the Avs were turrible last season…and they spent zero money. Someone who has more hockey knowledge than me, please educate me in this area – because from here it looks pretty bad.

Colorado Rockies

Imagine you have a hammer and a five inch long nail in your hand. Imagine taking that nail and driving it into your front teeth … very slowly. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to your 2011 Colorado Rockies. There's no expectation they won't fail to meet. You wan't a sub-par home stand? The Rockies are there to call. Have a giant swath of first round picks be busts or borderline busts? The Rockies will be there to take the scrubs.

And so on. I haven't been this disappointed in a team since the 2010 Nuggets.  What's worse is that there's no real implication that the situation will be different. Everyone is staying. No one is fired. Status quo remains at 20th and Blake. I'm not going to debate the veracity of the Ubaldo Jimenez trade. It is what it is. This trade may determine Dan O'Dowds legacy in Denver. Hope those prospects pan out.

All I know is Todd Helton seemed to deserve better, in his comeback season, than a team with the backbone of a jellyfish and the fight of Switzerland.


Denver Nuggets

What a strange season 2010/2011 was for the Nuggets. Primarily because of the saga surrounding Carmelo Anthony. It was hard to stay positive throughout the year, and I think everyone who reads this site can say they went through a massive variety of emotions as we faced what was inevitable. Some embraced change. Some dreaded it (cough…me…cough cough) and some were ambivalent at best. All in all, however, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when Melo was finally traded in February.

The Nuggets went on a nice run to end the season, and all things considered I don't think we can be too disappointed with where the Nuggets ended up in the regular season. The playoffs were disappointing because of various coaching decisions (particularly in game 5) and under-performance from some key players.

Faced with a horrifyingly obtuse and ridiculous lockout we are left with the questions about WHO the Nuggets are. Are we a rebuilding team? Are we a playoff team? Will the Nuggets add pieces? Will they spend money after the conclusion of the lockout? No one seems to have a good answer of the agenda going forward, and it contributes to the anxiety of Nuggets fans. God, I hate this freaking lockout.

I do know one thing however. Brady Quinn is dreamy.


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