I remember back in July of 2006 how much praise Carmelo Anthony received locally for signing a 5-year extension with the Nuggets. Little did we know that that five year deal would actually be a three season deal, with one season of MeloDrama and a great unknown fifth year player option that may or may not get picked up.


Anthony signs five-year, $80M contract – Associated Press, ESPN
Reading this piece from 2006 is pretty funny. Melo talking about securing money for his family and generations of Anthony's to follow, Mark Warkentien thrilled with Melo and Melo's friend borrowing his car the friend getting busted with marijuana in Melo's car. Little did we know at the time that Denver would only get three actual seasons out of the deal followed by whatever has happened behind the scenes with Nuggets management or owner(s) leading to this season of MeloDrama and who knows what come Feb. 24th (trade deadline). Melo will get his $80 million out of the deal, most likely, but the Nuggets fans will be short-changed.

Nuggets disappoint with 122-102 loss to NBA-worst Sacramento – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
Hochman has the quotes from Barkely at halftime of the game of the Nuggets going through the motions. But no quotes from the team. Was interesting to see Melo sitting on the bench after the rest of the team headed to the locker room last night.

Video: CarMax Smart Choice: Melo Greatest Nugget Ever?
I was sent this link to a debate that was had on air during the Nuggets vs. Clippers game this week. Kiki Vandeweghe joins Clippers announcers Ralph Lawler and Mike Smith to discuss. Interesting that they had this discussion and that Kiki is advocating that Melo stays in Denver … Reggie Miller and Chris Webber both sort of advocated for Melo to stay in Denver during last night's broadcast during the Kings game as well on TNT.

Balkman ready to answer when opportunity knocks – Aaron Lopez, Nuggets.com
I'm still now sure why the Nuggets gave Balkman a contract extension, I know why he signed it … security. But what I didn't totally know is how injuries have affected his attitude … though it has been discussed a bit. Good piece on a guy full of energy that is wasting away on the bench.

Phoenix Suns ex-star Amar’e Stoudemire felt unappreciated – Paul Coro, The Arizona Republic
Pretty good piece on Stoudemire’s feelings on leaving Phoenix for New York and some thoughts from Steve Nash and other members of the current Suns team.

Video: Jordan McCabe – Now this kid's got game – Eric Johnson, KOMO News
I have to thank reader tknuckle for adding this in the FanShots section … the video is AMAZING! Check it out for sure.

Charles Barkley: I Did Not Give Cam Newton Lakers-Suns Tickets – Milton Kent, FANHOUSE
Everything makes the "news" these days. You gotta love Barkley's quotes in this story though … entertaining fella.

Yao Ming Has Successful Surgery to Repair Stress Fracture – FanHouse Staff, FANHOUSE
Glad to hear Yao's surgery went well. For now it sounds like he's going to focus on rehabbing the injury and will be leaving his playing plans open. Yao is a funny guy who has made light of his injury history recently, it was a pleasure seeing him play and I hope he makes the right decisions with his future. His such a popular guy that he'll be fine going forward, but it'd be nice to see him on the court again.

Tyreke Evans credits soul food for improved quickness – Eric Freeman, Yahoo! Sports
I don't know how many other people out there have their mom's concerned with what they eat for dinner and such, but I know I get to relay these details to my mom. Always concerned that I don't get those proper home cooked meals … like Evans in this piece.




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